How to use the application?

  1. Launch the application, on the first screen, click on the red circle button on the bottom right.
  2. The application will retrieve all the applications installed on your phone and show them on the second screen page.
  3. Select one or more applications from the list that you want to apply the skinned icon on them. You can also select all the applications by checking the ‘Select All’ option.
  4. Click the red button on the bottom right to proceed to next step.
  5. A list of the skin icons will be listed, select the one that you want to apply the skin to the previsously selected applications, you can see the sample preview of how the final icon look like at the top panel.
  6. Click the red button at the bottom right to proceed to next step.
  7. A list of the final skinned icons for the selected applications (from step 3) will be displayed. Click on each of the icon and an application shortcut will be created on your home screen with the applied skinned icon. Repeat this for all the applications that you want to create the shortcut on the home screen.
  8. Switch to the home screen and you should see the shortcut icons created.

How to create shortcut icon on the home screen?

At the last stage, where the final icons are generated. You can click on the individual icon to create the shortcut on the home screen.

Can I specify which home screen the shortcut icon is to be placed?

No, the placement of the shortcut icon is depending on the launcher you are using, Skinned Icons Creator does not create the shortcut physically, it just notify the underlying launcher to create the shortcut. After the shortcut icon is created by the launcher, you can move it around to your desired home screen location.

Part of the created shortcut icon appeared to be clipped, how to fix it?

If the shortcut icon size is set to big the value, the created shortcut icon may appeared clipped off. To fix this issue, change the default shortcut icon size to a smaller value.

The created shortcut icon appear too small, how to adjust it?

The default setting for the shortcut icon size is 72 pixel. Depending on your device screen resolution, the created shortcut icon may appear too small on device with high resolution. You can it to a higher value to increase the icon size.

How to change the size of shortcut icon?

Settings->Shortcut Icon Size.

Valid value for the icon size is between 32 and 192.

How do I purchase more overlay icons?

Beside the free overlay icons bundled with the free application, additional overlay icons are available for in-app purchase as Premium Overlay Icon Sets. To make the purchase, open the navigation drawer (by clicking on top left icon, or slide from left edge), and click the In-App Purchase option. A list of Premium Overlay Icon Sets will be displayed with preview icons, click on buy button to proceed with the in-app purchase. Note: If you have already made the purchase, the buy button will be disabled.